Casa Ballroom

View of the Arabian Sea and Kuwait City

Casa Ballroom

Weddings are wonderfully momentous events, not only for the bride and groom, but also for every guest in attendance as well.  Whether your style is intimate or lavish, Costa del Sol offers a setting of sheer romance, unmatched cuisine and a warm welcome to every guest.  Our experienced wedding planners will see to every detail, seamlessly arranging each aspect of your affair to perfectly match your individual style.  From classic cocktail receptions to extravagant galas attended by hundreds of family and friends, Costa del Solwill make the moment pure magic.

Our Location

Situated in Shaab Al Bahary, facing Arabian Sea and close to Shaab Park.The Hotel is a heaven of tranquil elegance amidst the vibrant city of Kuwait.

Gulf Road Off Bin Khateeb, Kuwait City P O BOX 414 HAWALLY, Kuwait


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